Saturday, 1 February 2014

Ordering from Comexim

Comexim has quickly become one of my favourite brands. It is a bit harder to get hold of as you until recently could only buy them directly from Comexim. It is however worth it due to the shape and the wonderful fit. This is the only brand I've found that in a large cup and small band has the straps in the right place, which for me means.... no alterations! :)


There are essentially five groups of models that are all more or less identical apart from the fabric. They are all on the narrower and deeper side in shape, so if you need wide wires this is probably not the brand for you.

Tosca, a padded plunge bra

Padded Plunge Bra

The padded plunge bra I would say is the most popular group. Almost all newer models released belong in this group. It is a cotton lined foam padded plunge with a three-piece seamed cup, full band, leotard back and fully adjustable straps. The most similar model is the Ewa Michalak PL-model, though this one has a slightly more rounded shape than the PL.

Mimi, half cup bra

Half Cup Bra

The half cup bra is one of the the newest groups of models from Comexim. The only model available so far is Mimi,
Musetta, unpadded balcony plunge bra
Noa, unpadded balconette bra
 a black padded two-piece seamed bra, which was released in November last year, 2013. There has been previews of some more so this group is probably here to stay, which is great as there are few half cup options in larger cup sizes.

Unpadded Balconette Plunge Bra

Lily, full cup bra
The unpadded plunge bra is also a newer creation. It has a three-piece cup similar to a Freya balconette plunge bra, but still with the lower bridge. It's not available in as large cup sizes as the padded plunge.

Unpadded Balconette

An older group I have not seen anything new in in a while. Similar to the last model but with a less plunge-y shape. I have not personally tried it but heard it runs a bit smaller in the cup than the padded plunge.

Full cup bra

Another older group which looks fairly similar to the unpadded balconette but here the upper diagonal panel goes all the way to the armhole, and the strap is attached to this panel.


Comexim uses European sizing. The cups goes from 60 (28) to 90 (40) and the cups from B to N, with no double letters apart from HH, which replaces the I-cup. 55-bands and O-cups can be custom ordered though. 

The size table from Comexim's size guide.

The measurement chart is based on measuring really tight around the underbust. The best method I've found so far is to use your snug underbust and your loose bust measurement, find the size in the table and then sister size down to your regular band size. My 69 cm underbust and my 104 cm bust measurement puts me between a 70K and 70L. As I'm in the lower part of the underbust range for a 70-band I pick the larger cup, the 70L. Then I sister size down to my regular band sizes, which gives me a 60N or 55O, which is the size I wear in Comexim.

Vivien in a 55O with reduced cups, fits perfectly!

In general Comexim goes by the sister-size principle. If a bra is available in one size it will also be available in a band size down and cup size up and the reverse. Bras available in a 60N are also available in a 55O etc. Currently the size range for the padded plunge bra has been extended a fair bit. Currently even a 75N and a 70O can be custom ordered. The padded plunge group has the widest size range though. The larger band sizes has a much more limited range of cup sizes.

The band sizes are not overly consistent. Some, like the Vivien runs quite big, while others, like Scarlet runs very small. Check out Bratabase and measurements for the model you are interested in before ordering.

Iris 60L with higher gore. Gorgeous bra but the higher
gore was sadly not for me,


In the larger cup sizes the padded plunge bras grow a fair bit taller. This is to make it more suitable for the larger size which usually needs more coverage to get the same support and lift. This means that the bra you will get when ordering a larger cup size will have slightly different proportions than what shows on the stock photos. It is however possible to get the same look by ordering a "reduced cup". Then the cup will look the same as in smaller sizes. This both makes it more suitable for a lower cut top but is also a saviour for those with a petite frame or with high-set breasts where the cup height otherwise can be a bit overwhelming. It also makes the armholes a bit better for someone like me, who find the regular cups a bit too hard on my arms. For smaller size it becomes more of a super-low coverage plunge, like in brands not aimed for larger cups.

You can also order the padded plunge with a higher gore, perfect for those who have a tendency to fall out of plunges. Or a lower gore to be able to wear extra low-cut tops or to have a more comfortable fit. There are no extra charges for these customizations but the order will be non-returnable.

Geisha 60N, the perfect beautiful basic black bra.

Placing the order

If you want the order to be sent outside Poland you will need to e-mail your order. It might sound scary but it isn't. Anna who is answering e-mails is very helpful and it's a pleasure dealing with her. Comexim does not have anyone fluent in English working with them to translate e-mails and they sometimes use Google Translate so if you write in English make sure to do it in a way so that it's easy to understand and clear what you meant. I have written all my e-mails in English without problems. Specify size, model and any customizations you might want. Also make sure to include the address in the e-mail.

You will then get a price and postage quote. The postage prices are reasonable, 21 zl for two bras, 35 zl for four within Europe is what I've paid for the economy option. You will be asked to pay the amount to an e-mail address using paypal. I make sure to specify as much as possible of my order just to be on the safe side. No additional charges, no extra paypal charges, just the amounts listed on the website + postage.

Jasmine 2 60M, basic does not have to be boring.


Almost all bras are made to order. This means that it may take some extra time from that you pay until the order is sent. For me it's usually been one to two weeks, so still not very long. They are sent tracked, if you don't receive the tracking number you can send an e-mail and ask for it. Once they are shipped around 2 days to northern Europe and Britain seems to be normal.

The bras come without tags but there is a small paper receipt in the box.   

Scarlet 60N though a 65M probably would have been better.
Gorgeous print, I fell in love straight away.


Bras can be returned within 10 days from when you received the package. You need to send them pack in their original packaging and you pay the postage cost. In general a tracked and insured option is in general recommended as you are the one standing with the risk, but it's as always a matter of if one is willing to take the risk or not. Comexim will pay the postage for the first exchange order sent out.

This post is based on my and my friend's experiences with Comexim together with the e-mail correspondence I've had with Comexim and the information on their website.

I know that it took time for me to place my first order with Comexim. I worried about many different details but I'm so glad I took the step and I have never regretted it. I can definitely recommend them. :) What is your experience? :) 


  1. Really informative post thanks. I have confirmed that the biggest cup size they make is 85N. I like their customer service way better than EM as Anna seems friendly and helpful. I will be purchasing one of their bras from a bratabase listing though as I'm pretty confident I'm sized out. However I want to try to try taking in the center gore a bit as this as helped before. I really wish I wasn't sized out of every Polish brand (except for EM and they aren't answering their emails) by one or two cups because I really love and need the narrow wires and deep cups.

    1. Oh, that's great to know. Makes at least me a bit happy since I based on the size range offered just a couple of months ago would be so closed to size out. I know the feeling a bit too well of being sized out. :( Essentially EM + Comexim are my only hopes as well.

      And yes, EM is not the easiest to deal with. I still believe that they would benefit a lot from having a custom-order option readily available online so that they would not have to deal with all the e-mails. It would probably be easier for all. :/

      Anna is really showing that language barrier can be worked around and that great customer service can be delivered anyway. :) I really hope that you will be pleasently surprised by the bra you purchase, and if not we can always hope that they will keep extending their size range... *fingers crossed*

  2. I'm so sorry, I was typing on my phone and I meant 75N :( I wish it were 85N. I used Google Translate wheb talking with Anna and yes, even through two translations her helpfulness came through. I really hope they increase their size range. Kris line is another excellent Polish brand with narrow wires who is expanding their bras but it stops about around Comexim 's max range even still.

    I have heard of that suggestion for an EM drop down menu and I honestly don't get why they don't offer it. I guess we'll just have to keep taking the scraps of what we can get and hope that things keep improving as they realize there's a market for that here.

    1. :( Aw... Still an improvement though... Kris Line is one of my favourites too, and they have actually increased their size range too! They currently do 65O, which with missing double sizes should be around a 65MM/70M/75KK/80L/etc in Ewa Michalak sizes! :) Still just to the corresponding sister sizes, but at least they are increasing their range. Is there any chance you could find a good size then?

      And yes, sadly I think that is the case concerning EM. :/ Which is a bit sad as their products do have a lot of potential for the international market.

    2. Also, you wouldn't happen to know any alteration to reduce the evil quad boob would you? Besides taking in the center gore.

    3. Sadly no. If the cup is too small it is sadly too small. Even the center gore alteration does not make the cup bigger, it just re-distribute the space. :/

    4. I figured :( Yeah, usually that alteration is enough for me because of close together breasts but that's usually only enough if the depth was enough in the first place I guess :( Thanks for letting me know though!

  3. Thanks for letting me know, but I actually just bought a 75M in Kris Line and it might be interesting to note it is similar to Comexim, maybe one cup size up. But the bras are very different in style so I'm expecting that they are about the same functionally. Here is a comparison:
    Do you happen to know if and when Kris Line will expand the range for more than just the Brilliant? The cut of the brilliant is hard on my full on top boobs, but even still I liked Kris Line so much I just took in the center gore a little to lessen the quad boob and loosened the straps a little but I did loose some of the comfort and perk as a result :(

    I wish losing weight would bring down my cup size but seeing as I just lost 40 lbs after my baby and nothing happened to my cup size (except perhaps getting bigger) I'm doubting it. Hopefully weaning will but I don't plan to do that for another year so it seems like my choices remain extremely limited... Btw I'd say Em's regular sizes stop about where Kris Line and Comexim do, Give or take a cup but she also has M now in a few of her S styles which would be my size. Whew, sorry for going off on a bit of a rant there. Just so frustrating sometimes! But I am confident things can only get better.

    1. Disappointing. :( For me a 60N Comexim seems comparable to a 60K/65JJ Krisline, even in measurements, which was why I had hope.

      For now it only seems like there is the Brilliant and the Fortuna:,products,37.html available in a 75M. I do hope that they will extend it though because they do have good proportions compared to other brands...

    2. Ah at least the Fortuna is also in that size. I am thinking this one could work on a greater variety of shapes,products,37,251.html

      What Kris Line model might you have been thinking of when you thought it was similiar to Comexim 60N? Maybe some models run bigger? I am hoping so.

    3. I've only tried the half-padded styles and I think that maybe the unpadded ones run smaller? Don't know but I think I've seen it on Bratabase.