Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Modesty Panel: How Well-Fitting Bras Made Me Cover Up

Typical neckline and fit for what I used to wear
before finding out about correctly fitted bras.
For me modesty seem to essentially be about not drawing attention to yourself, something I've never been good at. Ever since I could even talk I've always stated my opinion and always questioned everything that seemed non-logical to me, no matter if it meant getting into an intellectual verbal fight with teachers or the nine-year-olds at school when I was 6. I was never aiming at getting attention, the attention I got was just a consequence of my lack of fear of questioning authorities and my inability of keeping my nose out when I felt someone was treated unfair. Modesty as a concept as always seemed very strange to me and I never really understood it, despite living in a country with a culture more or less based on the idea that you should not stand out. Why diminish yourself in order to be seek some sort of peer approval? To be open to the ideas of others, yes! Listen and respect each other, absolutely  Be open to new perspectives, definitely  But does that mean that we as a group need to make each and every one of us smaller as an individual in order to be able to do these really basic things? And if we demand that sort of modesty in order to respect another human being, do we even respect the person to start with?