Sunday, 15 May 2011

Some new dresses

This week I managed to finish four dresses. From the very beginning of this season I've felt a craving for light flowy summer dresses and everything pretty in the stores have just made it worse. Even though it's been two years since I last tried on pieces in woven fabric in "normal stores" I still long for them. All of these dresses have each some adjustable feature. The first one is a true wrap dress and the rest have fake-smock in the back to add some flexability. I still grow an inch or more when it comes to my bust, so this feature will hopefully enable me to wear these dresses more than just one summer.

This dress was the first project of the week. A lovely wrap inspired by Pepperberrys similar one. Having the bust darts off grain really helps with the fit, and the ribbons add another possibly to show of some more waist.
I later continued with the same fabric. Ever since my mum found a gorgeous maxidress (worn with a belt) I've wanted something similar. This was my first try and I really do like it. It does also work better with my body than I anticipated. As long as you make sure it's fitted where you're the smallest it seems to look good.
This is maxi dress number two. A bit more flattering for my figure, especially with the large leather belt added. The cup parts have been constructed to work well with Freyas Deco, the number one bra for some cleavage.
This one is almost the same as the one above, apart from the length. With the pattern and the colours of the fabric a maxi would just have been way too much. However, it is easy to see that my waist is a bit lost without a belt in a noticable colour.

Friday, 6 May 2011

A Tribute to My Mother

My body type isn’t especially alike my mum’s. Before she had me she had what now probably is best described as a “models figure”. Tall, straight and skinny with really long blonde, almost white, hair. 5 feet 10 and a 24-25 inch waist, and with a small A-cup at the most. She didn’t even used to wear bras back then. With high cheek bones and piercing blue eyes she was a real beauty.

I on the other hand as a lot shorter compared to her. Fourteen years old I filled a C-cup, but not until I was 17 my boobs I really started growing. A couple of years later I wear a GG(K) and still growing. I’m still fairly slim with a 26-inch waist, but with a large bust and quite some booty. No one on my mother’s side looks anything remotely similar to me, but about two years ago I found out that my grandmother on my father’s side had a breast reduction done way back.

After having me and my sister my mum got hips, something I still believe is hard for her to accept. Because of some (negative) medical reasons she is now more of a E-cup, and has gone from a straight slim figure to a true hourglass, which probably is even harder to accept. Her hair might not be so blonde anymore either, but the cheekbones are still there and I still find her very beautiful.

My mum didn’t really understand the whole idea of bras when I thought it was time for me to get my first. Maybe she was right back then, but later on it was a whole different story. Neither has she been able to understand my iritation of clothes that doesn’t fit me, until now when she starts to enter the same field. And suddenly I am the one to offer advice about bras...

Apart from the difficulties when it comes to shopping, I absolutely love my body. I only hope my mother at some point will be able to do the same about her’s.