Wednesday, 19 December 2012

BiuBiu Portimao in Purple

One thing BiuBiu is really really good at is to offer quite neutral basic pieces that we all need in our wardrobes, and that can be combined to get the style you want. Usually each style is available in a range of colours, so it's just to pick and choose what you prefer. Compared to Pepperberry who instead offers one colour of the style each season this doesn't "force you" to wear colours that doesn't flatter just to get clothes that fit. :) This specific season I chose to go for red and purple mainly, two colours I know suit me and that fit well into my wardrobe. The first one I will be reviewing here is the Portimao top in purple, in my regular size in jersey from BiuBiu 34BB/BBB.

BiuBiu Portimao Purple 34BB/BBB

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bouclé Love from H&M

Last Friday me and my boyfriend were invited to a H&M VIP shopping event. Not really anything VIP about it, but, it's usually quite nice going there and being able to shop without too many people and with the 20% off discount. I usually mainly go for basics, but this time I also found some Christmas presents and, I found a coat I fell in love with the second I saw it.

My love for purple is no secret but I've become very found of bouclé the last one and half year, and then seeing it in one coat, well, I couldn't resist it. Normally i don't even try on woven non-stretch clothes in a store like this, it's extremely rare they fit at all and well, trying to make clothes fit that doesn't is just depressing. This time I was quite lucky though. The 36 I first tried fitted, though it was quite tight. As I prefer a bit more room for a fleece jacket or so beneath I went for the 38 instead.
Purple bouclé coat from H&M

Friday, 11 May 2012

BiuBiu's City Violet

BiuBiu's City Violet

Piece number two of my first BiuBiu order was the City shirt in violet. I have a huge weak spot for purple, most of my wardrobe consists of black and purple, so when I saw a shirt in purple in my actual size I just had to go for it.

It has 98% cotton in it and a 2% elastan, creating a nice cotton shirt with a slight stretch. As I've said before I prefer natural materials and finding a shirt that is purple and in cotton just made it sound even better.

As in the dress I chose a 36BBB based on the size chart. This colour way is supposed to run tight and I can certainly agree. I'm right inbetween a 34 and a 36 and I don't think this shirt can fit someone on the larger end of the size interval. The information in the webshop also states that going up a size is adviced in this colourway and I believe that to be true.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

BiuBiu Summer City

BiuBiu is another brand for those of us with a bit more boobs than the highstreet really can handle. They are based in Poland, which actually is as much of a mecka for curves as United Kingdom, only that atleast I haven't heard so much about it. I first found out of BiuBiu when Brittany at Thin And Curvy did a review on some of their clothes. For me it sounded great as I also have an issue with Bravissimo/Pepperberry clothes being too big in the body, though I didn't really dare to make an order at that point. Then I saw her in her Summer City and that's when I knew I just had to give it a try. A week ago I actually saw the dress on sale for €26 in the store and I just had to order it.

BiuBiu's own pictures of the Summer City dress.

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Alterations: Moving The Strap Position

One common issue with larger cups in general, and with larger cups on smaller bands especially, is that the strap is positioned way to far out. That causes the fabric to cut into the arm, affects the fit, shape and support of the cup and causes the straps to slip down. If you have narrow shoulders the last one should definitly be familiar too you.

In this tutorial I will be assuming that you are doing this with a sewing machine. This is mainly for simplicity, most people don't know much about making durable elastic seams by hand, and because most people will be using one for this. You don't need anything fancy, just being able to sew zigzag is enough. You also need matching thread and a fresh sewing needle.

1. Take a look at what you have got

 First, just look at the bra. See how the seams have been made, in what order. As the aim is to recreate this later, if this is the first time, work on one side at the time so the other one can be used as a reference. Here the strap have been attatched last, with two rows of very narrow zigzag. Before that the eleastic along the armhole have been sewn, with the top seam along the actual armhole first, then flipping it over and the second seam have been made. The elastic is in almost every bra sewn like this, apart from some Freya bras that actually only have one seam. After taking a close look, rip all of these seams. The top one at the armhole you might want to leave a cm or two off as it is harder to reattach it that close to the underwire.