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Regular Clothes from Highstreet that fits

TMost people with a body just the slightest bit outside the regular high street standard has probably been though times in the changing room trying on piece after piece and nothing fits. If the fit is good in one place it is most likely too tight or too baggy somewhere else. However, there are short cuts to find well fitting clothes at the high street. The part of my wardrobe that doesn't include stuff I've made myself is mostly from H&M, Primark and other stores like Cubus, Monki and Lindex. To make the shopping a bit easier I've made som guidelines.

Vest top from H&M, size range from XS to XL,
5.99 £. The ribbed knitting in the tricot gives a
great fit. An XS fits me well in this, even though
 I have about 8 inches too much boobs for it.
 It's cut high enough to cover up most bras,
 but still shows a bit of skin.   
One of the absolutly easiest way to fit as many different bodies as possible, something the highstreet stores really is aiming at, is stretch. Any form of stretch is usually good, but the effect isn't always the same. Ribbed knitting is usually more stretchy than other's but the main thing is to try the stuff on here. Most of the time it's best to ignore your boobs when choosing size, and hope for it to stretch enough to accomondate them anyway. If you size up you'll only end up with a tent anyway.

The same concept applies to pants too, try to chase down jeans that is really stretchy. Then they will shape well around your bum, but still fit well in the waist.

Turqoise hoodes jaccked from for 14.99 för 199 £, size 8 to 16.
I have this one in many colours, all 8:s.  The slight
stretch together with a cut that gives more boob room
and a zipper, which allows you to have it open
across your bust, which together gives a great fit.

Show just the right amount of skin
The fit is always a bit distorted when you wear clothes that really isn't made for your body type. A larger bust usually starts higher up and also demand more fabric to cover it in the height department too. That easily puts one in the situation where half the bra is showing, especially since most everyday-bras is quite full coverage. Adjustable shoulderstrap, or just shortening them can make a whole lot of difference here, when it might be hard to find tops that is cut high enough. Avoid tops that has a seam supposed to sit just below your bust, they will almost never fit well and instead just look terrible. And don't forget that you might need some extra long tops too to not show of that tummy of yours.

Cleavage and Cut
Showing some skin is great mainly for two reasons. First, it tends to look better since it breaks up the figure a bit and doesn't make your boobs. Secondly, it tends to make it fit better, since it opens up the fabric. You will get a wider cleavage area, but that can be fixed easily.

Wear a Vest Top Underneath
Nude Alana from Bravissimo, works well under
 most  clothes and goes up to a K in
28-bands and L from 32
If you feel uncomfortable with the amount of cleavage on display, if it gapes open or if you for any other reason feel as if you show too much skin, just wear a vest underneath. Many v-necks demands this, but it is also a way to make regular shirts to work. Just wear one under and only button it up til just below your bust. Then the boobs will have room since the shirt will be able to expand in the front. For me this worked well up to a F-cup, I cannot get away with it anymore more, but when I could this was my way to be able to dress more preppy.  This can also be adapted to jackets.

Freyas Deco i hudfärgat. Goes up a a G in
most sizes, but is quite generous.
Moulded, cleavage and support,
all in one.
A Well-fitted Bra.
The importance of wearing a well-fitting bra should never be forgotten. By moving the bust to the front of the body instead of pushing it into the under arm-area and by lifting it the clothes will automaticly look better on the body, but it will also help with the fit. The circumference of the body may be smaller and clothes tend to have more room for boobs in the front than under tha arms. By lifting the boobs to the correct position the width that does exist can be better used. And, don't forget to try the clothes on with the bra you had in mind underneath.

Black jean called Friday from Cubus, 199 SEK/about 15 pounds,
size 32 to 46 (4/6 to 20). I have these in three colours, black, raw
denim and darker washed denim, all in 34, even though I could
probably been better in a 32 in the black ones.
Stretch, high waisted and butt-space. 
High waist
With bum and hips a high waisted pant doesn't really look high waisted, while a low cut one shows half your butt. With curves you need more fabric even in height, both around the bust, but also back there. And, the fit is also usually better in general since the waist of the pant actually ends up where it is supposed to be.

Smock, elastics and drwastrings
In dresses these are some of your best friends, or atleast they should be. They enable you to go multiple sizes up to fit your boobs in, without the rest of the body becoming way too large. Just make sure you avoid sleaves, they will never fit if you go up so many sizes... 

Black dress with white polka dots and elastic waist from
H&M,  £24.99 Very generous in the bust, a bit
to baggy in the waist, but that is easily cured with a belt.

The problem with most clothes in the smock/elastic/drawstring-category is that one usually ends up with a quite unflattering empire siluette that really just gives a feeling of being pregnant.  The best and easiest way to cure it? Get a belt, or maybe a whole lot of them. Almost every women need a few elastic waist belts and a few others as well. They make the clothes fitted at your most narrow part, the waist, which really is what you need to highlight. At the same time they cover up a waist that is a bit too big.

Remember your favourites!
The absolutly best you can do for yourself is to try to make mental notes when shopping. Remember what brands, styles, fabrics, colours and sizes that fits you. The more you do that the easier it will be to find stuff that fits at the first time. It's not a fashion crime to have something that you look great in in multiple colours or patterns, I do that all the time.

When you know what to look for everything will be mych easier, and more fun!. If you want more inspiration, check out the fabolous Georgina at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust. She is absolutly amazing at making high street clothes look fantastic.

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