Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pepperberry's Bold Stripe Maxi Dress

Stock photo from Pepperberry of their
Bold Stripe Maxi Dress from SS2012.
Bold Stripe Maxi Dress
in 8c/rc from Pepperberry
When I finally found the Bold Stripe Maxi Dress in a size close to mine I was left choosing between a 8c/rc or a 10rc/sc. As I'm usually somewhere between a 6  nd a 8 in waist size I was quite sure that a 10 would be too big, but a 8c/rc is in general too small at my bust. Looking through the photos from last season on the Pepperberry Facebook page it did seem to run big and I can confirm that it definitly does. And did I like it...? Well, let's see...

With a 40-41" bust and a 26" waist I'm in general based on the Pepperberry size chart a 8sdc or 8sddc, non which is currently made. For me to fit into this without it being indecent I tould say definitly means it's generous. While there is some slight pull at the stitch that keeps the two wrap-over bust parts together that isn't because it's too small, it's just because it's only one stitch as opposed to a full seam. The whole point of jersey is to use the stretch to avoid some darts. To do that we need to stretch the fabric slightly at the fullest part, which, with only a single stitch of course will be gaping some. I might choose to add more stitches later, but at the moment it doesn't bother me enough to make it worth the effort.

While a 8rc/sc most likely would have fitted too and maybe had less pull in the bust area I'm getting a feeling that it might have ended up being the same area, resulting in the known bags of empty fabric under the bust I and many other so often get. In this case I actually got a dress that fits sn'and is wearable without a single alteration at all, which isn't overly common for me.

Close up of the fit around the bust of the
Bold Stripe Maxi Dress from Pepperberry.
The cap sleeves I honestly don't get. For some reason Pepperberry likes to put cap sleeves on everything and I think this dress probably would have benefited from just having plain wide straps. This could be something I would chose to alter with it, just to remove the sleeves. Despite me being very narrow shoulders they just won't stay in place because they are so ridicolously short and tight at the same time, so there is nothing keeping them down.

The material is a viscose-elastan mix that falls and moves beautifully. The lining mentioned on the tag is just some extra mesh on the waist panel, the dress is otherwise unlined. In the size tag photo you see a hint of the purple stripe I honestly didn't know existed before. It is the stripe between the two white ones with red on the outside and it looks very blue in the big photo. In real life it is very purple though and definitly makes the dress look slightly less like a flag. :P It is still a very bold dress though, a statement piece rather than a basic. Personally I love that but it does take some guts to wear and you will be noticed.

Bold Stripe Maxi Dress from Pepperberry in 8c/rc on me.


There are no slit but the fabric stretches well and there is no restriction at all when walking. The pleats below the waist panel adds some flare but no extra volume really. The amount of cleavage showing means for me that it isn't suitable for work but it is definitly something I will make sure I get plenty of wear out of. It's currently packed for my summer vacation as I'm too in love with it to let it stay at home. :)

Sadly this dress is currently sold out at Pepperberry but you can still find it now and then on eBay. Please not that this dress originally came with a belt. The one I bought was sadly missing the belt but I feel no need for it. If I would want a belt I'd rather match it with a red wide elastic belt anyway.

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  1. I usually like cap sleeves, but I agree that simple wide straps would work better here. I like the little opening in the back.

    1. Hi Astrid! Thank you for your comment. :)

      I usually don't mind cap sleeves either and I don't tend to have problems with them in Pepperberry clothes as some people have (in general that they are too tight and restrict movement too much) but in this case... It just looks strange I think. It just doesn't match. Not everything needs to have sleeves. :P

      The little opening in the back is so cute! :) I like it too. Those small little design elements make me feel like I'm actually buying a design, not just the one dress that happened to fit me. :P Which definitly makes me feel better too.

  2. Do you have really shallow breasts for your size? I wear a 30HH and my boobs look bigger than yours. I wonder if I should be wearing a bigger size or it's just a shape issue.

    1. Hi Anonymous!
      I am shallow for my size yes, plus that I have a very tall base, reaching all the way up to my collar bones. That, plus my extremly pale skin tends to make my breasts look a lot smaller when they are not completly covered up. In this case it is even more put to it's extreme as my boyfriend who took these photos took them from a too low angle so well, I look both shorter and less bust than I really am here. I will be trying to get more reviews up in a not too far distance and that might shed some light on it. :)

      As to wearing wrong size, it might well be possible but I cannot sadly judge just on this. First of all, bra sizes varies. I have more than 10 different sizes in my drawer that all fits. 26J, 26JJ, 26K, 28HH, 28J, 28JJ, 30HH,30J,30JJ... I could probably continue one for a while. I think I need a 28K in some too. You don't seem to far away from me in size by mentioning a 30HH, and well, as you've probably experienced in the larger cup sizes how the sizes run changes _a lot_ between models and brands. For good and bad.

      How are your bras fiting you? Do they ride up? No spilling out or cutting in even after you scoop? Do you feel supported? Have you tightened the straps well enough? May I ask for your meausurements?

      If you want more help but don't want to give out all information here, feel free to send an e-mail to and I'll do what I can to help you. :)