Friday, 6 May 2011

A Tribute to My Mother

My body type isn’t especially alike my mum’s. Before she had me she had what now probably is best described as a “models figure”. Tall, straight and skinny with really long blonde, almost white, hair. 5 feet 10 and a 24-25 inch waist, and with a small A-cup at the most. She didn’t even used to wear bras back then. With high cheek bones and piercing blue eyes she was a real beauty.

I on the other hand as a lot shorter compared to her. Fourteen years old I filled a C-cup, but not until I was 17 my boobs I really started growing. A couple of years later I wear a GG(K) and still growing. I’m still fairly slim with a 26-inch waist, but with a large bust and quite some booty. No one on my mother’s side looks anything remotely similar to me, but about two years ago I found out that my grandmother on my father’s side had a breast reduction done way back.

After having me and my sister my mum got hips, something I still believe is hard for her to accept. Because of some (negative) medical reasons she is now more of a E-cup, and has gone from a straight slim figure to a true hourglass, which probably is even harder to accept. Her hair might not be so blonde anymore either, but the cheekbones are still there and I still find her very beautiful.

My mum didn’t really understand the whole idea of bras when I thought it was time for me to get my first. Maybe she was right back then, but later on it was a whole different story. Neither has she been able to understand my iritation of clothes that doesn’t fit me, until now when she starts to enter the same field. And suddenly I am the one to offer advice about bras...

Apart from the difficulties when it comes to shopping, I absolutely love my body. I only hope my mother at some point will be able to do the same about her’s.

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