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BiuBiu Summer City

BiuBiu is another brand for those of us with a bit more boobs than the highstreet really can handle. They are based in Poland, which actually is as much of a mecka for curves as United Kingdom, only that atleast I haven't heard so much about it. I first found out of BiuBiu when Brittany at Thin And Curvy did a review on some of their clothes. For me it sounded great as I also have an issue with Bravissimo/Pepperberry clothes being too big in the body, though I didn't really dare to make an order at that point. Then I saw her in her Summer City and that's when I knew I just had to give it a try. A week ago I actually saw the dress on sale for €26 in the store and I just had to order it.

BiuBiu's own pictures of the Summer City dress.


Just as Pepperberry BiuBiu has two dimensions of their clothes, first a regular normal size like 36, 38 or 44, then a size for the bust, a B, BB or a BBB, where the more B:s the more room. Stretchy fabrics are made in B/BB and BB/BBB while non-stretchy is made in the three sizes. The clothes range from 34 to 48, to not always all sizes are being made. On the chart I'm between a 34 and a 36, with a bust measurement in the top part of the 36BBB, so I ordered a 36BBB. More on this later though, my main point here was to show my lovely dress.

Quick dispatch and delivery

I placed the order on the 26th and at the same day it was released. On the 30th, which basicly is two days later considering the weekend, I had an invoice in my mailbox to pick up a package at the post office and there it was, my BiuBiu order. I never thought it would go that fast!

Summer City in 36BBB on me.

The Dress Itself

My first impression was just love. I'm a natural fibre girl and from what I can see BiuBiu uses much less polyester than Pepperberry. This dress is in a lovely thick satin cotton/elastan satin which gives it a slight stretch but still a lovely feeling. The print is gorgeous. These pictures just doesn't do it justice colourwise. It has one of those combinations of colours that seem to suit everyone really.

The Fit

The fit is amazing as well. The closest I usually get to a good fit straight of the shelf is Pepperberry, but even there the shoulder part is always way too long on me and the bust space sits too low and points too east/west. To make them wearable I always need to do some alterations. This dress fits great right away. It does not expect my boobs to sit at my waist and it does allow me to wear a proper bra underneath, as long as it isn't a full cup one.

BiuBiu's Summer City in 36BBB with a belt
The only issue is that it is just a tiny bit big on the waist. I can pinch away about 2 inches of fabric. It still doesn't really show a lot amazingly, which means that this actually is a dress that works well even without a belt with it. It also has side seams that goes all the way down into the skirt so it wouldn't be hard to alter it if I wish to in the future. I tried it with a belt just to see if it made a difference:

The difference isn't especially big and as you can see the extra space really doesn't show, which really just means that I probably can choose if I want to wear a 34 or 36 in BiuBiu. And if anything, that is a good thing!

I really haven't seen this dress look other than fabolous on anyone so far. Georgina's review shows how well this dress works in slightly larger sizes as well and June's review shows that it still looks good even though it is a bit too big on her too. 

Definitly Recommended

In my opinion BiuBiu is just great. So great that I most likely will place another order later today. As in this moment the shop is down due to moving to another platform, but it will open later on today again so I will have to wait a bit, but then I'm back there trying to choose out of all the great styles available. Compared to Pepperberry BiuBiu feels younger and less formal, which suits me better, but it also has a different approach offering most of their styles in multiple colours/prints so that there is usually always atleast one version that works for each person. And, it is possible to stock up on multiple colours if you really like something. :)

Still I think it is the fit that really makes me so sursprised in a good meaning. I sew a lot and make my own patterns and this is exactly how I would make patterns for me, and that says something knowing how important fit is for me. BiuBiu  works really well for high-set boobs and forward pointing boobs. What that really means is that getting a bra in the right size is crucial, otherwise you won't get a good fit.

Even if this dress is sold out there is much more out there so if you're in need of some boob friendly clothes, take a look. :) You might get hooked too.

Also, for us that doesn't speak or read Polish there is a BiuBiu World Facebook page that might be worth taking a look at. They sometimes have contests and discount codes, but mainly you can find a lot of pictures of other people wearing BiuBiu clothes which might help both in choosing style and size.

A friend of mine just send me a link to a polish store that actually does stock this dress in multiple sizes: http://www.bra-dreams.pl/product-pol-308-Sukienka-BiuBiu-Summer-City.html Might be worth taking a look at. :)

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  1. This dress look gorgeous on everyone! Besides you and the blogger that you've mentionned, I love it on Anna from Bras and body image: http://brasandbodyimage.wordpress.com/2012/01/31/biubiu-summer-city-dress/