Friday, 11 May 2012

BiuBiu's City Violet

BiuBiu's City Violet

Piece number two of my first BiuBiu order was the City shirt in violet. I have a huge weak spot for purple, most of my wardrobe consists of black and purple, so when I saw a shirt in purple in my actual size I just had to go for it.

It has 98% cotton in it and a 2% elastan, creating a nice cotton shirt with a slight stretch. As I've said before I prefer natural materials and finding a shirt that is purple and in cotton just made it sound even better.

As in the dress I chose a 36BBB based on the size chart. This colour way is supposed to run tight and I can certainly agree. I'm right inbetween a 34 and a 36 and I don't think this shirt can fit someone on the larger end of the size interval. The information in the webshop also states that going up a size is adviced in this colourway and I believe that to be true.

The City shirt is available in three other colours, pale blue, white and cappucino, though they're marked down at the moment and most of the sizes are sold out your size might still be available.

BiuBiu's City shirts in violet, white, cappuccino and blue

I usually have quite a lot of trouble with the fit of shirts. Even before I grew out of the regular high street stores' size chart, when I wasn't more than a C-cup they still didn't fit, as the boob room was situated close to my waist. I'm not especially short, at 5'7" I'm quite average but still I had the issues of a petite women. Even Bravissimo shirt always do this to me.

This shirt was surprisingly a perfect fit on me too. The boob space is in the right place, it fits both my boobs and my waist and underbust without any gaping between the bottoms. Kind of a dream coming true. :) The cut feels very similar to the one of City Summer, however there is one big difference that even my friends noticed. My boobs does look quite minimized, much smaller than usual. For me that is definitly a good thing, but I still find it surprising as the fit still is so similar to the dress while the dress definitly isn't minimizing.

BiuBiu's City Violet in 36BBB on me
The colour is very true to the pictures in the BiuBiu webshop, a true violet, a purple with a lot of blue in it. The fabric is nice and thick, with a cotton feel and a nice stretch, which makes it possible for the shirt ot be tight fitting but still enable you to move.

For me this shirt was just another success in convincing me that BiuBiu definitly is a worthy player on the market and worthy of another order, that I've already made. If you're interested there is two discount codes right now valid for full price items, "WELCOME" for 10% off and "Face Book" for 5%. The city shirts are still on sale, and until the end of May all white shirts are reduced with 25%. Everyone needs a shirt in their wardrobe.


  1. I'm jealous of how good that shirt looks on you. On my narrow shoulders it was just weird and made the collar sit funnily and was unfortunately unwearable.

    I still love BiuBiu though, their stretch tops fit me much better

  2. I actually have quite narrow shoulders too, but this one still works. However, what you are saying gives me hope that the stretch tops I've ordered will fit me just as good too. :)

    What tops work the best for you?

  3. Wow, seeing the City shirt on you, I feel that I should have bought mine one size smaller. As it is, I'm gonna have it altered for a better fit on the hips.

  4. Oh, so it was the hips that was the issue for you? I've gotten my Vanity Fairs and though I really like them, I cannot really decide on the hip space, but then they are way more flared than this shirt. This shirt is one of the straighter ones I've tried...

  5. Yes, I love that it is staight, but I'm between sizes and opted for the largest, so it is a bit big in the waist and hip area, mainly the hips, as mine are narrow. As a result, it looks a little flared. Looking at your picture, I realise that the smaller size would have worked, even though it might have been slightly tight on the chest.