Wednesday, 19 December 2012

BiuBiu Portimao in Purple

One thing BiuBiu is really really good at is to offer quite neutral basic pieces that we all need in our wardrobes, and that can be combined to get the style you want. Usually each style is available in a range of colours, so it's just to pick and choose what you prefer. Compared to Pepperberry who instead offers one colour of the style each season this doesn't "force you" to wear colours that doesn't flatter just to get clothes that fit. :) This specific season I chose to go for red and purple mainly, two colours I know suit me and that fit well into my wardrobe. The first one I will be reviewing here is the Portimao top in purple, in my regular size in jersey from BiuBiu 34BB/BBB.

BiuBiu Portimao Purple 34BB/BBB
It is made out of a viscose-elastan mix, and is a three-quarter raglan sleeved top with a boat neckline and rusching at the sides in the front. It also has rusching along the raglan seams just at the neckline, which brings the neckline together a bit and makes it more versatile  It can be worn both as wide neckline, and be pulled up closer to the neck to create a more drapey version, sort of a cowl neckline instead
Neckline of BiuBiu Portimao Purple 34BB/BBB

While the boat neckline definitely is high coverage and covers any bra you might wear, it still doesn't risk exposing your bra straps as this sort of neckline usually tends to do because of the great cut. 

The cowl neck neckline does in my opinion minimize the chest size a bit, and does still cover up almost anything you might choose to wear.

As coverage both can be prefered for quite a lot of occasion and it might be a neccessity for many of us due to not being able to find bras that work under lower cut tops I think this is a great option for those times. 

Now, before I tried BiuBiu I had a really big close to hate towards viscose. For me that was a fabric you find in cheap stores that gets destroyed in the washing machine and feels awful to the skin. BiuBiu isn't like that. They use high-quality fabric that goes well in the wash and that doesn't feel horrible. The advantage over cotton, which I honestly still prefer, is that it moves better along the body and shapes better. It also has a better drape, which on a top like this means that it is definitely the best choice.

The rusching at the sides in the front is another good thing. It covers any lumps and bumps nicely, and, it goes very well together with the same design at the shoulders.

The Portimao is also available in navy, grey and brown apart from the purple one. I'm actually considering getting the grey one as well in my next order. That's how much I like it. :)


  1. Beautiful! I have mine coming in a couple of days. I ordered both a purple and a grey. I would kind of have preferred if the rusching was the same at the back though. I don't like asymmetrical lines like that, which is why I didn't order the Rotterdam.

  2. Like the shirt and it's wonderful on you!
    I was thinking about purple Portimao, but I can't understand what the color is really like: is it greyish? is it warm/cool tone of purple?
    BTW, it sometimes it really bother me: BiuBiu has very little clothes available in 34BB/BBB! I really want Amsterdam in blue and I was checking size availability like 3-4 months, but no luck.

    1. The colours is a quite dark neutral purple I would say... Hard to really define and to photograph. I found it slightly darker than BiuBiu's own photos...

      And, yes, that bothers me as well... I've sometimes gone for a 36BB/BBB instead, but like with the grey dress, Oia, which was said to be a bit smaller... Still too big in the body. Urkye however tends to have plenty in 34oo/ooo and it seems to sell well too. Or, maybe it's just me buying everything. :P

    2. Thank you!