Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bouclé Love from H&M

Last Friday me and my boyfriend were invited to a H&M VIP shopping event. Not really anything VIP about it, but, it's usually quite nice going there and being able to shop without too many people and with the 20% off discount. I usually mainly go for basics, but this time I also found some Christmas presents and, I found a coat I fell in love with the second I saw it.

My love for purple is no secret but I've become very found of bouclé the last one and half year, and then seeing it in one coat, well, I couldn't resist it. Normally i don't even try on woven non-stretch clothes in a store like this, it's extremely rare they fit at all and well, trying to make clothes fit that doesn't is just depressing. This time I was quite lucky though. The 36 I first tried fitted, though it was quite tight. As I prefer a bit more room for a fleece jacket or so beneath I went for the 38 instead.
Purple bouclé coat from H&M

It has pleats from the waist both up and down, giving plenty of room for both boobs and hips. So much it is actually quite comparable to my 10SC purple boucle coat from Pepperberry! It also has some big deep pockets perfect both for keeping hands warm and keep things in.

  This is a close-up of the fabric. The colour are hard to catch, but it is quite vivid with a purple and pink mix. It has 27% wool so a bit better than the Pepperbery jacket in that sense, though I don't miss getting that coat either. The rest is acrylic, which though it might not be optimal, it is still definitly okay.

It retails at around 129€ but was on half price sale, and with another 20% off I definitly think it was worth its price and maybe even a bit more. :)

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