Friday, 21 June 2013

Pepperberry's Floral Embellished Maxi Dress

Ever since Pepperberry last spring released their Floral Embellished Maxi Dress I've been longing for it. At £79 without any special occasion for it was a bit too much for my student budget. When I saw it new on eBay I had to take the chance though. As someone a bit taller than Pepperberry's clothesare meant for I've been a bit worried of it being too short. It is supposed to be 144 cm long, which turned out to just be perfect for me. Might be good to notice though that I rarely wear heels and that these photos are taken without any shoes on.
Pepperberry's Floral Embellished Maxi Dress in 8SC

 The size I chose to go for, a 8SC, I picked by looking at the Pepperberry Facebook page where many other customers have been kind enough to post photos of clothes on them to enable the rest of us to see the fit "in real life" or as close as possible to that. According to the Pepperberry size table I'm at the lower end of a size 8 and in need of a SDDC, a size above the SDC size they've previously offered in a size 8. Many 8SC pieces are too small on the bust but too big in the waist on me but this one was spot on. It seems to run a bit generous in the bust, but the smocking in the back (the elastic panel) probably helps with the fit too.

My only concern with the fit is that the straight panel at the underbust, before the ruching of the skirt part comes, is a bit short. As my ribcage is larger 5 cm down from my underbust than at my underbust I get the slightest bit of a pret look, though I don't think it's enough to care about in my case. If I find this more of a problem I can always add a belt. Judge for yourselves.
Embellishment at the strap

The fabric is a polyester chiffon with a floral print in fuchsia, black and ivory. It is fully lined with a beige fabric, also a polyester chiffon, which means that there is no need to worry about underwear showing through. The slightly see-through effect of each layer makes the colours slightly more muted though, so the black has a tendency to look slightly brownish. At the strap attachment in the front there are beading in a brown-black-greyish colour and a fuchsia which actually look quite good in my opinion. They've held up well in machine washes and does, in my opinion, make the garment look a bit more finished.

 While most straps are too long on me in clothes from Pepperberry these were just spot on. On the inside there are things meant to be attached around your bra strap to stop them from showing. I've so far never used them. As the thicker parts of them have quite sharp corners that rubs against my arm and honestly sometimes hurt I will most likely just remove them. My bra straps aren't going anywhere anyway...

As mentioned earlier, it is in polyester. Personally I would have prefered a cotton or viscose jersey in the same print, but at the same time that would have given it more of a drape rather than the flowy look it currently has. The current price of this dress from Pepperberry is £47 and there still a few sizes left if you're interested.

Some have reported to have coverage issues with this dress. I didn't have any such problems, but I would still recommend to wear this dress with a plunge bra. The center front is too low for a half cup or fuller coverage bra, which for larger sizes might be a problem.

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