Friday, 28 June 2013

Urkye's Kontrast w fuksji +

When I first saw the Kontrast shirts from Urkye I really liked them, even though the fabric content and the size chart made me a bit hesitant. After a friend let me try on hers I fell in love and couldn't resist ordering one for myself in my latest order.

Kontrast w fuksji + from Urkye in 36ooo

With a waist measurement at 66 cm and a bust at 104 I'm in reality sized out of all bust friendly brands if going strictly by the size chart. Urkye's stretchy items are quite generous and so far I have had no problems with them but woven pieces, even with some stretch are always less forgiving. Being two sizes too big at my bust made me worry a bit at first.On the website the measurements of all Urkye's models are listed, which is really helpful when being unsure of which size to pick. I had the amazing opportunity to try my friend's clothes on and this shirt was so gorgeous on me that I finally chose to buy it in my for myself.
The purple box symbolises which size I should need according to the size chart, which of course isn't being made.
The 36ooo gives me a bit more room at my waist and hips which makes it more suitable in an office enviroment than if it had been skin tight in a 34. It also gave me a bit more room for my boobs, as I'm quite sure a 34ooo would have gaped a lot. The buttons go all the way up so it's up to you if you want to show some cleavage or go for a more strict look. Personally I really like both. The puff sleeves add a bit of volume to the shoulders which not all might appreciate but I love it. I have really narrow shoulders and a narrow back and this shirt fits me amazingly well there. It rippled quite a bit in the shoulder area on my friend with wider shoulders so you might want to consider this. For those of us that usually have the opposite problem this shirt is perfect.
62% cotton, 35% nylon and 3% spandex
The material is a cotton-nylon mix with spandex for some stretch. While I personally would have prefered it with more cotton, this is still a cotton cotton comparable to the high street. There is a plus side to it too, the mix means that there is no need for ironing. Just let it hang dry on a hanger. The price, 99 zl at regular price, 49 zl at the sale when I bought it, is really good and definitly comparable to the high street too. Finding fun shirts to affordable prices that actually fits is very rare, but this one succeeds. :)
Stock photo of this shirt in 34o or 36o on  Kasia, one of Urkye's models.
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  1. Yea, the shirt looks really good on you. I even like the button upped to the collar look more. I think I'll order one now, lol.

    1. Thank you! I hope you like yours as well. :)